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Since 1964 it has been our mission thru our combined purchasing philosophy to offer our members the best in discounts, selection of homes and lower pricing. This in return helps you sell more quality homes and build your satisfied customer clientele.

Our buying group works with the manufacturers to get the best purchasing power for our members. In return our members are able to offer the same quality homes as other modular housing retailers that aren’t in our group lower prices; making sales and profit that much easier!

Our retailers are represented in the following states:

New Jersey
New York
New Hampshire
West Virginia

Trade your retailer volume with manufacturers for the top rebates through the Latham Buying Group, even on net pricing.

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Your potential customers will want to work with you because of the discounted pricing you will be able to offer them through your Latham Buying Group membership.

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Whether you're a small or large retailer we want to talk to you! No longer will you have to commit to millions of dollars of purchases for the top bonus plateaus.

Top Bonus Participation – Best Line of Homes from National Companies
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